Buying a diamond is more than buying jewelry

Buying a Diamond is more than buying jewelry. A diamond is the ultimate symbol of romance, love, and accomplishment. As a women journeys through life, diamonds tell her story, they mark momentous occasions and eventually become heirlooms that embody her legacy. Before you buy, get in the mindset of finding diamonds that speak to you and about you.

The cut of a diamond is both the quality of the cut and the shape.

Cut is both the quality of the cut and the shape. The shape is personal preference, whereas the quality of the cut can really be seen with the naked eye.

Does it sparkle more when the light hits it?

Then the quality of the cut is probably very good.

Color grading starts at ‘D’ (colorless) and goes to ‘Z’ (Light Yellow)

Color grading starts at ‘D’ (colorless) and goes to ‘Z’ (Light Yellow). Once the color goes beyond ‘Z’ you move into Fancy Colored Diamonds, which have a different grading.

The best value for money is traditionally going to be in ‘Near Colorless’ because you still cannot see the color, but you have a smaller price due to the grade.

Clarity can impact your diamond price the most.

Clarity can impact your diamond price the most. 90%+ of all diamonds that will be on the market are SI category as this is the best value for money.

For Carat Weight, while personal preference, it DOES matter.

Just ask any wife who has had the same 1 carat for 20 years.

The 5th ‘C’ you need to know when shopping for a diamond jewelry

There is a 5th ‘C’ that you want, and that is ‘Confidence’.

You want to buy from someone that you can trust, to give you Value, Quality, Service and the Guarantees on buying your momentous gifts.

This is why Sophia Fiori offers:

– Diamonds Directly from the Source
Vertically Integrated Design & Manufacturing
Made in the USA
– US Based Customer Service
– Conflict-Free
Lifetime Guarantee

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