5 Creative Ways to Building a Super Stylish Ring Stack

With the summer kicking off and the world slowly getting back to the “new normal”, we finally have the opportunity to start dressing up and release our inner-fashionista! This summer, get ready for a strong comeback of the ring-stacking trend that you are going to love!

However, it can be tricky stacking the endless options of your favorite stackable rings. There is nothing more daunting than trying to mix various gold tones and gemstone shapes. Keep it simple and elegant or go bold and full of color?

Don’t worry, we got you – follow these 5 simple steps and we promise you, your stack of rings will be out of this world.

1. Stack Your Rings With Color

Adding smaller gemstones for pops of color with gold or silver bands will create a unique ring look that is all your own. Let the stones take center stage while the bands accentuate the overall look of the stacks.

5 Creative Ways to Building a Super Stylish Ring Stack
Blues, Purples and Pinks! They all match!

2. Choose Matching Gemstones

Marry primary colors together when building your stack sets. Sapphires and rubies are a gorgeous duo that may seem like an unlikely pairing for layering but when done right, absolutely stunning. Stacking thin, delicate rings will prove that doubling up doesn’t mean you’ll have a heavy or clunky look.

3. Not Perfect IS Perfect

Don’t worry if your rings don’t align perfectly when stacked. It’s perfectly fine to see little openings between the rings. Have fun with placement and don’t focus on imperfections. That’s what will make you look uniquely you!

5 Creative Ways to Building a Super Stylish Ring Stack
Mix gold colors, shapes and styles. It will all look great! We promise!

5. Diamonds match EVERYTHING

Get creative with the timeless diamond. Diamonds on diamonds will give you a chic and elegant look that is prêt à porter. We all know you can’t go wrong with a diamond.

Diamond Stackable Bands
Diamond Stackable Bands

There are many reasons that ring stacking is such a desirable fashion trend.

You can showcase important life events and milestones by layering multiple bands that have had a positive impact on your life that you want to cherish forever. Engagement and wedding rings aren’t the only ones that can take center stage on your fingers. The birth of a child or an anniversary is equally special that can be commemorated with a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Tell the story of your life with the jewelry you’ve accumulated and been gifted throughout the years and feel the love all the way through to your fingers. Create a look that reflects who you are and let your style shine bright.

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5 Creative Ways to Building a Super Stylish Ring Stack
5 Creative Ways to Building a Super Stylish Ring Stack