7 Ways to Stack Your Treasured Rings

1. On an engagement band, you want the rings you layer in to accent, not overpower your beloved diamond. Try layering the main attraction with more delicate bands that perhaps incorporate smaller diamond studs, creating a luxurious and attractive stage for your engagement ring.

2. For wedding rings, a typical stack starts with an engagement ring, then the wedding band and then an anniversary ring or an eternity ring. The sparkle factor on this look is out of this world! Not to mention this timeless stack is a constant reminder of the most special times in your life. It’s not only a fashion statement, but a very powerful testament of true love.

3. When thinking of the optimal placement for this style of ring stacking, typically you want the engagement ring to sit in the middle. Marry it in with the two other bands, like your wedding band and the eternity ring.

4. Another way you can stack your engagement ring is to put the wedding band and eternity ring on the bottom and the engagement ring on the top. There really are no rules on proper placement, just as long as you can move your finger around without being bothered, you’ve done it correctly!

5. When it comes to stacking rings it’s not a science, it’s an art form. You don’t have to stack rings in any order. You can have your engagement ring layered with a sapphire ring passed down from your grandma. Don’t worry about stacking it with your wedding ring. Do what makes you happy and feels right. Part of the beauty of this trend is that you can go your own way and make it what you love and feature the most iconic moments of what’s important to you.

6. When looking for all the perfect elements, find a store that has everything you’re looking for. We can recommend Last Call Luxury that carries both amazingly handcrafted jewelry as well as prices you won’t find anywhere else.

7. Above all, have fun with your pieces. Stack high, stay low, mix and match metals, colors and gemstones. Just do you. The most important lesson to learn about stacking jewelry is that rules don’t exist here! Fashion yourself your own Gianni Versace and create the look that works for you! Do what feels right, looks right and makes you shine. That’s it!

One of the best things about this trend is that there are no rules! However, we have come up with a few guidelines that you can follow to help make your ring stacking vibe a little easier to create.

Here are a few tips and tricks on all the ways you can stack your rings for an ultramodern and fashionable look…

~ You can easily and artfully create both large and small stacks of jewelry on your fingers for a bold statement, as long as the look isn’t overpowering.  That’s why we recommend wearing multiple rings on one or two fingers or in contrast, wearing a couple of rings on multiple fingers.  This will help ensure that your look is stylish but not overwhelming.
~ You can mix and match smaller, daintier rings with bolder, chunkier rings for a more textured look.  They don’t have to match or stack up perfectly, as long as they coordinate well together and have an overall harmonious vibe, your look will be complete.  To nail this trend, the key is to keep the look clean and well balanced but not too ‘matchy’.    The sky is the limit when it comes to stacking your baubles.  For instance, stacking on top of your wedding or engagement bands is a very popular trend.  You can add your monumental moments to those forever bands with anniversary rings, birthday rings or simply rings you have received just because.  Diamonds on diamonds is a very chic look but you don’t want the diamonds competing with each other.  If you stack on your wedding or engagement ring, try and layer with daintier diamonds or gems to ensure your main ring shines through.
~ When layering rings, a monochromatic look can also make for a very visually appealing and pronounced fashion statement.  Include rings with distinctive unique detailing like geometric designs, bold rings with chunky gemstones or designs and delicate rings that have finer, daintier details.  The monochromatic color scheme will always look well put together because each ring will be tied together through color, for a chic and modern look.  However, in order to pull this look off, balance is key.  One way to create a well balanced, monochromatic look is to adorn one finger in all white gold comprised of different sized and embellished rings.  As long as the look is uniform and isn’t overshadowed by loud nails or a full house of fingers with too many rings, you’ll have fabulously fashioned fingers for all to envy.
~ Mixing and matching different metals is another fashion forward way you can layer and show off your rings.  Once a fashion faux pas, mixing metals is now a super stylish and modern way to rock your jewelry.  That’s the beauty of fashion.  It is ever changing and evolving and the possibilities are endless!  Your jewelry can be different sizes, have different colored gemstones, have different colored metals, wild embellishments… and you know what, it all works!  Pick your favorite pieces and marry them together in perfect harmony for optimal stacking pleasure.  Every look is individual to you.  To complete the look, mix your metals if wearing earrings and bracelets as well.  Just bare in mind,  you should keep the overflow of jewelry to a minimum when stacking rings.  This way you won’t overwhelm the look and you create a flow with style and grace that is all your own.
~ Get creative with your layering.  Remember that the way you wear your jewelry is all about self expression.  There is no right or wrong way to play up your jewelry.  Be true to yourself and incorporate your specific style into your everyday look for the best outcome!
There are many different ways to layer and stack your rings.  Keep in mind you don’t want to overdo the look with too many fingers adorned but something a bit unconventional you can do for a more unique look is to wear a knuckle ring or a midi ring on top of stacked finger rings.  This is more of a boho chic look and it is trending everywhere right now. The idea is to wear a dainty, delicate midi ring that accentuates the stacked rings.  They can be worn on the same finger as the stacked rings or worn on another finger alone for a more subtle look.  Either way, a midi ring will add a touch of edginess to your look as well as adding chic elegance to your overall appearance.
Summer is right around the corner and this is the perfect time to rock your layered rings and colorful gemstones.  Rack ‘em and stack ‘em to accessorize your hot summer outfits and swimsuits.  There is no limit to the style and fashions you can come up with when you get creative with your jewelry.  Have some fun in the sun by sporting fabulous and flirty rings with dainty gold bands and mix them with bold and eye catching stones.  For example, a fun look for a pool day would be to find all your aquamarine gemstones and bring them together to create an island in the sun type of look.  Or bust out your topaz gems and let the light of the sun illuminate your perfectly layered fingers.  Try and keep in mind that when you wear stacked rings of any kind, you should also rock a more subtle manicure.  You want your ring statement to pop and not get washed away by your loud nails.
Another way you can stack rings is to wear one ring on each finger, which is known as a horizontal stack.  You can play with this look in so many different ways.  Bedazzle each finger with bold and daring larger gemstones of different kinds to create a vintage inspired, ‘estate sale’ look.  Another fierce horizontal stack would include adorning baubles that possess some form of diamonds on each finger to produce a more glitzy and glamorous feel.  On the days where you’re not feeling as bold and courageous, you can go to your favorite dainty gold or silver (or both) bands to dream up a whimsical and flirty horizontal stack.  Don’t be afraid to play with your pieces and create something that reflects the fashionista in you.   
There are many different jewelry powerhouses that have amazing pieces perfect for layering.  Some are a little pricier than others.  Remember that when putting together a ring stack, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this look.  One budget friendly jeweler we know you’ll love is right here on this site!

Here at Sophia Fiori, we are masters of fine jewelry at jaw dropping affordable prices.  Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite… anything you can dream up they have at price tags you won’t find anywhere else!  Highly recommend checking it out to help you achieve a most glamorous ring stack! 

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