A Brief Intro To Our Tuscan Yellow Diamond Collection

The charm of Tuscany is experienced along its beautiful coasts, in its fragrant vineyards, and amongst its lush olive groves.

With its diverse scenery and unforgettable sunsets, Tuscany draws travelers from around the globe, all of whom seek to capture a bit of its magic. Inspired by this magnificent destination and created for you, celebrate your epic moments forever with Tuscan Yellow Diamonds.

A Brief History of Natural Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds were historically found mostly in the Cape region of South Africa, however several diamond mines around the world currently produce yellow diamonds in some quantity.

While stones have been recently found in some of the mines in the Kingdom of Lesotho, the market for fancy yellow diamonds has been driven for years by the Ellendale Diamond Mine in Western Australia. Until its closure in 2015, Ellendale accounted for nearly 50% of the world’s supply of fancy yellow diamonds.

Since its closure, these diamonds and have become much rarer and demand has risen.

Blues, Purples and Pinks! They all match!

What Makes Diamonds Yellow?

Yellow Diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are considerably more prevalent than colored diamonds. Within the range of rare colored diamonds, the yellow diamond has gained tremendous popularity because of its beautiful shine and its relatively affordable prices.

Blues, Purples and Pinks! They all match!

Canary Diamond or Fancy Yellow Diamond?

The name Canary Diamond, or Canary Yellow Diamond, refers to pure yellow diamonds with a strong shade – meaning pure intense yellow diamonds.

Keep in mind that while almost everyone knows what Canary Diamond means, the GIA color description would state fancy yellow in the color description and not canary.

Did you know you can check a GIA report yourself? Check here and use #9999999999 to see!

Nitrogen Turns White Diamonds Yellow

The color yellow in diamonds is caused by the presence of nitrogen within the stone that filters the blue/violet range of the visible light spectrum and reflects yellow.

Nitrogen is common in diamonds and up to 98% of all-natural diamonds will contain the element, however, yellow diamonds have been found to contain as much as 1% nitrogen by weight, which accounts for their rarity.

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A Brief Intro To Our Tuscan Yellow Diamond Collection
A Brief Intro To Our Tuscan Yellow Diamond Collection