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Two Legends Become One

A design as elegant as the pyramids and built to last for eternity, our signature Cleopatra ring would surely have been worn by the queen, Cleopatra herself!

A shimmering round white diamond sits on top of this incredible ring allowing light to penetrate and illuminate every single one of the 58 facets.

An exquisite design with a play-on color that was made for you to feel like the queen that you are. Using features from the Iconic Victoria diamond ring but infusing the band to make it a one-simple perfected design. ​

Feel like the queen that you are

Using features from the iconic victoria diamond ring


to make it one-simple perfected design

Welcome To Sophia Fiori Diamonds
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Meet Bernard Bachoura, Master Designer & President of Sophia Fiori.
A Jewelry Collection Inspired By The Mystique Of Travel And Our Ancient Past
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Fusing together our award-winning Victoria Collection with a floating center diamond, the Cleopatra Collection is like no other!
A 360 Degree Diamond View Like No Other
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Fusing together our award-winning Victoria Collection, our Master Jewelry Designer Bernard Bachoura explains what makes the Cleopatra unique floating diamond so special!
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Client Testimonials

My engagement ring is a Sophia Fiori piece and it’s so beautiful!!! I’ve received so many compliments! Can’t wait to add to my collection.


I bought one similar on a cruise in 2010. The ring is gorgeous. Well, I lost one of the blue diamonds. I contacted the company and I shipped the ring and they replaced the diamond and checked all the other stones, polished it up, and sent it back and no charge.

I was very impressed with how they stand behind their jewelry. I’d buy a Sofia Fiori ring again.


I love my Victoria Sophia Fiori….it is a beautiful piece of jewelry….the interchangeable channel bands are a brilliant design…elegant and whimsical


I absolutely love my Cleopatra ring! I have it in rose gold, We bought it 16 years ago! I get so many compliments on my ring! I’m looking now for a band to match! Love Sophia Fiori rings!


That’s my ring!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I get so many compliments everywhere I go. Best purchase ever!! Thank you for such a beautiful unique piece


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