2024 Guide to Galentine’s Day Gifts for Every Style

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your friends, personalized jewelry is always a great option. Whether they have a girly, minimalist, dark academia, colorful, glamorous, cottagecore, trendy, modern, or elegant style, Sophia Fiori has the ideal piece for everyone. Here’s a curated selection to help you find the perfect jewelry gift for each of your friends. 

All pieces are available in various metal types and gemstones.

01. For your girly girl friends.

Treat your friend to a dose of feminine charm. This adorable 14K rose gold ring with a heart-shaped pattern is a sweet statement piece. It adds flair to any girly girl outfit.

Click to SHOP this Victoria Band in Rose Gold for $469

02. For your minimalist friends.

Meet the perfect nod to minimal chic. This polished 14K white gold ring showcases a round-shaped white diamond weighing 0.17 carats. It is the best gift for friends who love refined simplicity.

Click image to SHOP this Round Cut Ring in White Diamond White Gold for $939

3. For your friends who can’t get enough of the dark academia aesthetic.

If your friend is captivated by the allure of classic dark academia aesthetics, this 14K yellow gold is a statement piece they’ll adore. Featuring a round-shaped cognac diamond at 0.13 carats, the heart-shaped center and intricate swirl designs make any outfit timelessly elegant.

Click image to SHOP this Cut Ring in Cognac Diamond and Yellow Gold for $959

04. For your friends with colorful and fun styles.

Red ruby earrings in 14K rose gold are the ideal match for your friend with a vibrant and romantic style. With a center trilliant-shaped red ruby at 0.65 carats and round-shaped white diamonds totaling 0.11 carats, these earrings will be a joyful expression of her unique style.

Click image to SHOP this Trilliant Cut Earrings in Ruby Rose Gold for $1099

05. For your bold, glamorous friends.

Spoil your glam-loving friend with a red ruby ring set in 14K white gold. The pear-shaped red ruby at 0.50 carats takes center stage, surrounded by marquise-shaped white diamonds at 0.24 carats. This jewelry piece will seamlessly work with her bold and sophisticated closet.

Click image to SHOP this Pear Cut Ring in Ruby and White Gold for $929

06. For your friend who enjoys cottagecore aesthetics.

Is your friend enchanted by the charm of cottagecore and vintage-inspired fashion? A dreamy flower-shaped pendant, with a round-shaped 0.40-carat blue diamond as the centerpiece, adds a whimsical touch to her style.

Click image to SHOP this Penelope Collection Round Cut Pendant in Tanzanite Rose Gold for $1099

07. For your friend who is always on top of trends.

Gift the trendsetter in your life an adorable tanzanite pendant in 14K rose gold. This pendant features an oval-shaped tanzanite gemstone at 0.75 carats and will effortlessly complement her creative style.

Click image to SHOP this Oval Cut Pendant in Tanzanite and Rose Gold for $529

08. For your friend who delights in sleek and modern fashion.

Got a friend with a taste for sleek and architectural fashion? A sharply-designed 14K white gold ring has two round white diamonds at 0.01 carats each. It’ll be the best accessory for her curated contemporary outfits.

Click image to SHOP this Round Cut Ring in White Diamond White Gold for $609

09. For your friend who appreciates elegant outfits with a pop.

Surprise your friend with a touch of charm, courtesy of a 14K yellow gold ring that has a delightful S-shaped pattern. The twisted ring blends graceful sophistication with subtle playfulness.

Click image to SHOP this Victoria Band 2 in Yellow Gold for $659


No matter your friends’ styles, Sophia Fiori has the perfect jewelry piece to match. Show your thoughtfulness and consideration with a personalized gift that reflects their unique taste and preferences.


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