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Celebrate Your Special Occasion With A Colored Gemstone Or Diamond Band.

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Stone Stories

* About Green Emerald

The emerald is desired for its rich color and celebrated for its rarity. Only a select few locations in the world, notably Columbia, Zambia and Brazil harvest gemstone quality emeralds, elevating its value to the top echelon of fine jewelry. For centuries, the emerald has been one of the most coveted and adored gemstones, worn by royalty and celebrities.

The emerald with its lush, vivid green color is associated with the Emerald Isles of Ireland because its fields are the same shade of green as the precious gemstone. Emerald is the vivid green color of Spring which makes it the perfect birthstone for May and is a beautiful traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary.

* About green diamond

Green diamonds are highly valued and admired for their rarity and vivid color. Their beauty evokes feelings of peace and a connection to nature as the color green has positive associations symbolizing balance, harmony and serenity.

Historically green diamonds were reserved for private auction. Sophia Fiori natural diamonds, under high pressure and temperature recreate the earth's natural forces to expose their inherit color, making enhanced green diamonds exceptional color at affordable prices.

* About Green Sapphire

Though most people associate sapphire with the color blue, 'fancy sapphires' come in the full spectrum of the rainbow for jewelry settings. No two sapphires are alike because of shade variances, even if they are the same color, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

From a light lime green to a deep olive green, the green sapphire has an impressive color range making it an enticing gemstone. Green sapphires are becoming increasingly popular due to their sensational fresh, crisp color and dazzling sparkle, which makes them distinctive and beautiful.

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