Morganite, This Summer’s Hottest Gem

Morganite is a beautiful gemstone that has become incredibly popular this year. With its lush color and eye-clean clarity, this gem does not go unnoticed! It’s important to know what sets it apart from other gems and why you need to get your hands on one as soon as possible!

Morganite is the perfect option for those who want something different than diamonds or sapphires but still want a jewel that will be loved for generations.

The affordability of morganite – especially compared to pink diamonds – puts the look within reach of many passionate jewelry collectors. The color pink also flatters any skin tone and makes an excellent choice for those who are looking for something different, feminine, and romantic.  

It’s easy to see why morganite jewelry, especially those with rose gold settings, has become the hottest trend this summer

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What is morganite and how it’s different from other gems

The gemstone known as Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910. It is the rare pink variety of beryl, a mineral family that includes well-known gems such as emerald and aquamarine. In 1912, it was given the name morganite to honor financier and gem collector John Pierpont Morgan.

A morganite’s pink color often contains an orange hue, but every morganite is unique in its variation of shade and tone. Morganites can be found as large as 100 carats, but overall, most morganite gems found are smaller than 1 carat.

Though relatively rare, morganite is a moderately-priced gemstone with many different colors. This variety of colors, combined with its affordability makes it more attainable to many people who are looking for fine jewelry. … When shopping for a piece of morganite jewelry, consider cut as well as color because only an expertly cut stone will reveal morganite’s bold beauty.

Morganite is found in several colors, and each morganite stone has its own unique color. The most common of these morganites are pink morganites. Pink morganites that contain an orange hue like our Blush Morganite Collection are the most sought-after morganite gems available for jewelry because of their unique color and attractive price point.

The Unique Color Of Morganite Is Why People Love This Gemstone

Morganite is available in a wide variety of colors, and the morganite gemstone’s unique pink color is what makes this gemstone special. For those looking for fine jewelry, morganites are affordable and come in a range of different hues.

The gem’s soft pink color is a tone that can be worn by most people without appearing too stark or bright. Morganites have been on the market for over 100 years now and continue to be popular because morganites are timeless. Their soft pink color is a tone that can be worn year-round, day or night.

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Morganite Is Very Affordable Right Now

Morganite’s affordability is what makes it such a hot trend right now. This gemstone is less expensive than many other gems making it a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Morganites are an affordable gemstone as they can be found for $100-700 per carat. If you like big gemstone jewelry, then we have great news for you! You don’t need to worry about budget so that your large purchases won’t go too overboard. We offer many morganite gems in larger sizes without costing a fortune.

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morganite is a perfect Alternative to diamonds or sapphires

If you want to really make a statement with your jewelry, morganite is the perfect choice for you. Morganite is the newest gemstone to take over, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite with its variety of soft colors and lower cost.

Morganite’s versatility makes it a perfect gemstone for you to wear, no matter your suitability and personality. Our Blush Morganite Collection offers a variety of choices in size, style, and fantastic price points. This gives the wearer a lot of options when it comes to this gemstone.

Morganite Is The Perfect Gemstone For Everyday Wear

Morganite’s blush pink Color flatters any skin tone

Morganite is an excellent gemstone to wear if you want something feminine, romantic, and unique. The color of a morganite will compliment any skin tone, which makes morganite the perfect option for everyone!

Morganite jewelry is perfect for everyday wear this summer. This gem can range anywhere from 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it perfect for jewelry that will be worn regularly. Despite its brightness and clarity this stone never fades in color as many other gemstones do.

How To Take Care Of Your Morganite Jewelry

By now you have realized that Morganite is a wonderful gemstone for jewelry. Its hardness and durability (Morganite is a 7.5 -8 on the Mohs scale) make it the perfect gem for every occasion.

While Morganite is durable, you should take some care of it and should be cleaned regularly with warm water and soap. This will remove any dirt or grime from your precious gemstone and prevent discoloration over time.

The main concerns when caring for your stone are dust and scratching. To clean your stone take an ultra-soft toothbrush, such as a children’s toothbrush which will be small and very soft.

Next, make a warm soapy mixture using clean water and mild soap. Forget those expensive jewelry cleaners… you can do it yourself!

Gently scrub your stone clean paying special attention to the stone and the surrounding setting. When you feel your stone is adequately clean, use water to rinse your stone and then dry with a soft cloth.

For morganites that do not have inclusions or fractures, ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners are also safe alternatives.

It should be noted here that ultrasonic or steam cleaners can damage some gems if they are used incorrectly. Please consult with your local professional jeweler for the best way to clean your morganite ring or other jewelry piece and let them know that you are using an ultrasonic cleaner if it is safe to do so.

Always dry off your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning and dry it with a lint-free cloth. If you take proper care of these gorgeous gems they could last for years without losing their luster!

Avoid Chlorinated Pools, Hot Tubs, And Other Swimming Pools

Do not wear your morganite jewelry in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, or other swimming pools because chlorine will bleach the gem. By the same token, chlorinated water is not the only chemical that can damage your gemstone jewelry. Even some household chemicals will react with your morganite jewelry and cause corrosion.

If you do come in contact with chlorine or other chemicals, rinse your jewelry pieces immediately with cold water to remove any chemicals. You can then wash with lukewarm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to ensure all have been removed. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

When You Go Swimming, It Is Advisable To Remove Your Jewelry


Morganite is an amazing gemstone that’s perfect for any skin tone, which makes it the best choice if you’re looking to invest in something feminine and romantic. With morganite jewelry being so affordable, this stone has become the hottest trend this summer!

If you want morganite but don’t know where to start – let us help! Our team of jewelry experts will be able to assist with your questions.

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Morganite, This Summer’s Hottest Gem
Morganite, This Summer’s Hottest Gem