Secrets of the Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is defined as Sophia Fiori’s proprietary designs. These are design that you will not find anywhere else, and some of these designs include patent elements in them! While we have 1000’s of jewelry designs and style available to you, there is a selection of only 3 styles that made it to the level of “Signature” with Sophia Fiori! Lets introduce them, and all of their little secrets that make Sophia Fiori special.

‘The’ Victoria Ring – with Interchangeable Bands

The designer created the Victoria with his wife as the inspiration – he wanted to create something for her that was unique, versatile and fun, and that’s exactly what he did! Victoria adapts to your changing wardrobe.   With over 120 different interchangeable bands, there are virtually endless combinations with your Victoria ring.

This is a MUST for any forgetful husband because of the versatility of the Victoria rings, you can collect multiple bands, and turn it into a stackable collection, but whats better – this is the gift that keeps on giving! Buy 3 bands now and you have the whole year covered – Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday – Boom!

The Penelope Collection

TIMELESS HEIRLOOMS…Styles like the Penelope have graced Hollywood red carpets for decades. This timeless design is a staple heirloom in every family, and with your choice of colored center diamond, the Penelope ring will be the heirloom that children and grandchildren will cherish (and fight for) most. This collection truly stands the test of time.

The Penelope is the only Signature collection that comes in a full set with the ring, earrings and pendant. With this option you can celebrate life’s epic moments – engagement ring, push gifts, anniversary, graduations, retirement and more – this collection is timeless.  Customize your ring to have a secret message in the gallery, an inscription on the band or custom elements in the shank. All with a lifetime guarantee, and hand crafted in the USA.

Venus Collection

BRILLIAN. BOLD. DISTINCT. The Venus Collection is alluring and luminous emulating the beauty, confidence, and strength of a woman. The woman who wears a Venus ring is self-assured, dares to be different and stands out in a crowd.

The Venus ring has been adorned by women who want the most unique of engagement rings, to women who are self-made and want to buy their OWN diamond right hand ring. Show off your style, independence, and your unique character with the phenomenal Venus Designs.

The original Venus design came together through the asymmetrical design with a revolutionary feature of showing off 4 intriguing settings. The more recent evolutions of the Venus have created a simpler smaller version of the traditional asymmetrical design, to the most recent evolution of a perfectly symmetrical setting allowing one to put a stackable or wedding band up against your Venus. However, every-single-Venus brings one thing in common; the center diamond is suspended over the setting, held in place by three tension mount prongs showing off 360° degrees of your diamond.

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