A Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that the item you purchased is a genuine Sophia Fiori jewelry item and that everything used to hand-craft your masterpiece is authentic as described. The price on the Certificate should be used as a replacement value for insurance purposes in case of loss or theft. Your Certificate will also include the gold content, diamond and gemstone Total Carat Weight (TCW) and the quality of the diamonds or gemstones used.  

On the back of your Certificate, you will find both a link and a QR code which can be used to access important information about your Lifetime Warranty. You should store this card in a safe and secure location should it ever be required in the future. 

Items with a Certificate of Authenticity

  1. Diamond Engagement Rings
  2. All Custom Jewelry 
  3. Gold Jewelry with Diamonds or Gemstones

Additional Information

Some items will come with grading certificates from GIA, EGL, AGS or IGI. These grading certificates are done completely independently of Sophia Fiori Diamonds, and are not provided with every purchase. Should you want an additional independent certification with your diamond or gemstone, please contact customer care to learn about options and costs.


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