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The Sparkle In An Opal
Can Take You On An Incredible Journey

Winter fire opals

There are worlds visible in opals

Unlike many other gemstones, every opal possesses a unique and distinctive personality. Winter Fire Opals are the world’s best white opals, showcasing colorful scintillation set in custom designs and made right here in the USA. Only the finest white opals with maximum sparks of fire are selected for the Winter Fire collection, emulating burning embers against snow. The sparkle in an opal can take you on a journey.

Symbolism of Opals

Opals are the birthstone of October. They are considered to enhance innocence, purity, and happiness, and are also connected to faithfulness, passion, loyalty, and love.

Is Carat Weight Important with Opals?

In Traditional gemstones, such as a diamond or ruby, carat weight is important, along with other factors, to the value of the gemstone. With Opals, there is no rule that states that the larger an opal is, the more valuable it is. The main factor that influences price is the play of color. With Winter Fire Opals you are getting a handpicked selection of white opals that maximize the color and brilliance of the stone.

How difficult is it to look after an Opal?

Like pearls, opals are a more delicate gemstone. Opals should be looked after and maintained properly, but if care is taken, opals can last lifetimes!

Over time, opals will have scratches and marks which can cause them to appear dull. Take your opal back to an opal cutter who will professionally polish the stone for you, reviving its brilliance.
As with most softer gemstones, use mild detergent and warm water to wash off any grime or build-up on your opal. Try to avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners, abrasives, bleach, and chemicals.

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Client Testimonials

My engagement ring is a Sophia Fiori piece and it’s so beautiful!!! I’ve received so many compliments! Can’t wait to add to my collection.


I bought one similar on a cruise in 2010. The ring is gorgeous. Well, I lost one of the blue diamonds. I contacted the company and shipped the ring and they replaced the diamond and checked all the other stones, polished it up, and sent it back and no charge.

I was very impressed with how they stand behind their jewelry. I’d buy a Sofia Fiori ring again.


I love my Victoria Sophia Fiori….it is a beautiful piece of jewelry….the interchangeable channel bands are a brilliant design…elegant and whimsical


I absolutely love my Cleopatra ring! I have it in rose gold, We bought it 16 years ago! I get so many compliments on my ring! I’m now looking for a matching band! Love Sophia Fiori rings!


That’s my ring!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and I get so many compliments everywhere I go. Best purchase ever!! Thank you for such a beautiful unique piece


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